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What We Do

The Science of Paint

From flat metal to shapely car parts, we do it all.

Looking for a special part for your project, or just doing maintenance on your machine? Stop by and chat with Justin – if he doesn’t have it, he’ll find it!

We don’t just sell parts – we make sure we sell parts that work just right.

Over 2,000 square feet, our parts store is a treasure trove to hotrodders and custom owners alike. We’ve got it all, from tires to tappets, winders to windows, and exhausts to – well, you get the picture.

If our long-time parts manager, Justin hasn’t got what you’re looking for in-store, he’ll find it for you online in no time flat.

Step up to the counter and take in our wide range of parts.

Let's Build
Your Dream car!

Our Projects

Extensive Project Lineup

From Muscle Cars to Hotrods, Classics to Convertibles, we have done it all.

Our Value

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Details matter and we know that more than most. Stop by and see why our customers become lifelong fans and friends.